The Sales Automation Integrated and Linked System (SAILS) is tailored for Independent Publisher Rep Groups with their unique business processes and mobile environment. SAILS is designed to simplify the order process for field representatives; incorporating order templates, removing extraneous paperwork and standardizing orders and reports. SAILS allows back and forth synchronization from ‘in the field’ Rep systems to a central server over the internet.

In addition, it provides historical data and allows the generation of many different levels of managerial reports using varied and multiple criteria: reports of Publisher/Vendor sales by date, by account, by account type (e.g. wholesale, retail, catalog and etc), and account category (e.g. African/American, children's, museum and etc.). Contact listings for Accounts and Publishers are available. As well as the ability to generate mailing labels for targeted Accounts groups. All reports can be exported in multiple format for synchronization with other business applications such as Customer Relation systems.

A special reporting feature in SAILS is it's use of Negative Reporting to assist you in pin-pointing areas you need to work on. Negative Reporting shows the black holes in your sales performance. These reports show which Accounts have not ordered from a specific Publisher and have not ordered a given title. The opposite is also true, having detail information about what is selling throughout your territory will allow reps to promote particular titles to their accounts with confidence.

Please contact Trevin Matlock at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  For a demonstration of the system please see our Training Videos page. For system requirements, please see SAILS Technical Specifications article.